Abalone Rainbow Pendant, Chain & Earrings

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Abalone Rainbow Pendant, Chain & Earrings

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Underwater rainbow

We love the iridescence of pearls, the enchanting play of color when the nacre catches the light. But we wanted to bring you something bigger, something bolder. So we dove deep beneath the waves and found something even better than pearls, and for a much lower price: Abalone, the underwater gastropod that’s not only a rare delicacy— maybe the world’s most expensive shellfish— it also carries a shell coated with nacre that produces the most impressive rainbow you can hold in your hands.

The Rainbow Pendant displays the captivating colors of the abalone shell, which shimmers as the light dances across its surface. This natural beauty carries that same play of color that makes pearls so prized, only bigger, brighter and better, and stylishly set in rose-gold-finished sterling silver.

  • Set includes Pendant, Chain, & Earrings
  • Genuine Abalone Shell
  • RoseGold-Finished .925 sterling silver setting
  • Pendant: 2" Drop
  • Earrings: 1 1/2"Drop and French Backs
  • 18" Rose Gold-finished Chain