African Blue Opal Bracelet

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African Blue Opal Bracelet

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African blues make Martians jealous

Bring home 140 carats of magnificent opal without ever leaving the atmosphere!

Opal is amazing. It takes millions of years to form, and occurs in beautiful, but barren, environments. One of those places is Mars, as NASA discovered in 2008 (finding opal is one way they concluded that water was once present on The Red Planet). But the estimated cost of a manned mission to the second rock from the Sun is $500 billion and the round trip would take about two years, which renders a gemstone shopping trip to Mars inadvisable, impractical and basically impossible. But today, we can offer you opals even more spectacular than those found on Mars for just a fraction of the cost. No zero-gravity training required.

Our African Blue Opal Bracelet may look out of this world, but it was born right here on Earth, eons ago. Our quest for rare opal took us to the mines of Africa, where we secured a cache of beautiful blue stones. While most opals are white, a unique twist of minerals has brought the brilliant blue out in these beauties, while still maintaining that famous rainbow effect. Each polished disc of this 7½" bracelet with 2" extender features swirls, stripes and swatches of color that make every piece a one-of-a-kind work of natural art. Come to think of it, each looks remarkably like our home planet as seen from space. Search the universe if you like, but you won't find opals any "Earthier" than these. Sorry, Mars.

  • 140 carats total weight
  • 37.40 grams weight
  • 30mm diameter
  • 8” length with a 2”extender
  • Spring Ring Clasp