Ama Abalone Ring

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Ama Abalone Ring

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Women of the Sea we salute you

Abalone, the iridescent treasure of the sea, is sought after by many who appreciate Mother Nature’s handiwork. But perhaps none other cherish Abalone as much as the Ama–– Japanese ladies who free dive in cold water to depths up to 30 meters in search of these underwater rainbows. Ama translates to “women of sea” and these fearless women are able to hold their breath for up to two minutes. 

The Ama Abalone Collection is our tribute to all the fearless women who like the Ama, embrace life and work hard to claim their prize. In this collection, shimmering discs of Abalone are topped with smaller discs of scientifically-grown DiamondAura®–– a conflict-free, sustainable stone that rivals diamonds in fire and clarity without the steep price. 

Nature forms these organic gems, so no two pieces are alike. Original works of art, just like the Ama, and just like the one you love.

  • Abalone piece
  • Yellow gold-finished setting
  • 15mm diameter design
  • sits 4mm high
  • 2.75mm band
  • 4 grams
  • available in whole sizes 5-10