Amary Platinum-finished DiamondAura Canary Ring

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Amary Platinum-finished DiamondAura Canary Ring

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Stones of a feather

On Tuesdays they wear yellow. Nothing gaudy, just a splash of color. They meet for coffee, and it's an interesting way to start the day. But last Tuesday was different. Instead of the passing mentions of what each of them was wearing, the conversation for the entire get-together was what she had brought to the party. Her new Amary DiamondAura® Canary Ring.

Even if every one of her friends had shown up in a natural canary diamond ring, hers still would have stood out from the flock. That's because even natural stones can't compete with the kind of impressive shine she was packing. And since mined diamonds can sell for thousands a carat, she certainly would have been able to brag about the price that she landed hers.

I can guarantee none of the others would have been as bright as the stunning yellow beauty in her Amary Ring. That's because it was crafted from our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura, an incredible scientific creation that burns with more fire than the highest-grade natural diamonds. Even the 2-carat side stones are formed by the same unbelievable process, providing a flash of white heat like nothing you've ever seen before. What it's sure to have in common with those higher-priced rings is the luxurious platinum finish that assures a lasting shine.

  • 8 carats total weight
  • (4) 6mm x 3mm marquise shaped lab created DiamondAura
  • (2) 6mm x 4mm pear shaped lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 14mm x 10mm oval shapedlab created canary DiamondAura
  • Available in size 5 – 10
  • 14mm wide
  • 7.4mm high
  • Platinum layered sterling silver