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Amber Intrigue Pendant

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Amber Intrigue Pendant

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Romance is Not Extinct

Keep romance alive and well with 35 million old Baltic Amber

We like to believe that prehistoric relationships were so much simpler. Back then, if you were a man who could provide shelter, food and protection from saber-toothed tigers, you were set. Survival came first. Romantic gifts came last, if at all. Sure, some exceptionally thoughtful caveman probably brought home handfuls of seashells or wild berries that he picked up on the hunt. But there was no pressure from society to spend big (primarily because there were no such things as money or society). It’s easy to believe that a lack of luxury made love lives less complicated. But if you think that Neanderthal Casanovas had it easy, you’ve got it even easier. 

Our stunning Amber Intrigue Collection wasn’t born yesterday. Each individual piece appeared on Earth more than 35 million years ago. These rich-colored treasures have been collected from the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea for generations. Almost from the moment that the first translucent treasure was pulled from the sea, amber has been considered a rare treasure on par with gemstones and gold.

  • (1)30x20mm Genuine Baltic Amber
  • gold-finished .925 sterling silver setting
  • Chain not included; we recommend 33039