Amber Memories Earrings

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Amber Memories Earrings

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Earth's DNA preserved for 44 million years

Nature has had a leg up on us for millions of years with amber, the tree sap that fossilizes to hold the plants, animals, and elements of the past within its unmoving grip. Its memory is far greater than the entirety of human civilization, and we have no choice but to bow to amber's staying power.

In our Amber Memories Earrings, Earth's ancient mysteries reveal themselves with every small movement and play of light. Amber is Earth's memory. Now it's your turn to imbue it with some of memories of your own.

  • Genuine Amber
  • (2)14mm x 10mm Oval Amber
  • Antique finished Sterling Silver
  • 42mmor 1 2/3” Drop
  • 22mm Wide
  • French Hooks
  • 5 Grams each