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Amber Mystique Collection

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Amber Mystique Collection

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A mermaid's sweet revenge

Ancient history has a hundred different tales about the origin of amber. We know it today as fossilized resin, a natural prehistoric gem that hums with an ethereal orange glow. But centuries ago, while Lithuanian peasants fished amber nuggets from the icy Baltic, they told their children a much different story. They believed amber was the broken and scattered pieces of a mermaid’s castle, smashed by the storms of an angry thunder god. He wrecked her home as punishment for falling in love with a local fisherman.

The deity crushed her romance and left the mermaid heartbroken. Her tears turned to amber droplets along the sea floor. Thankfully, true love triumphs because some of those very same “mermaid tears” appear in our Amber Mystique Collection. Each piece features a translucent golden oval of smooth, gem-quality Baltic amber framed in .925 sterling silver metalwork. Every dollop is different, with its own flourish of air bubbles that distinguishes each cabochon as a unique work of natural art. Collection includes pendant, chain and earrings.