American Crown Tanzanite Ring and Studs Set

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American Crown Tanzanite Ring and Studs Set

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Crowning achievement

Today we honor the great royal families, the mighty palaces they call home, and the land they have ruled for more than two centuries. But we’re not talking about the Windsors, the Habsburgs or the Romanovs here. We’re paying tribute to the great royal families of America— the Smiths, the Johnsons and the Joneses. America is where everyone is royalty and we bow before no one.

The American Crown Tanzanite Ring is the perfect way to claim your royal heritage. In a distinctly regal pattern, this ring combines fourteen gemstones of vivid, violet-blue Tanzanite, mined from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, with the blinding innovation of 17 lab-created DiamondAura® rounds— boasting superior clarity and fire when compared to a mined diamond— all set in a genuine .925 sterling silver ring.

Expecting to pay a royal ransom for the American Crown Tanzanite Ring? No way. This is the land of opportunity and innovation, and so we’re offering a special discount to every member of the American royal family. The American Crown Tanzanite Ring will be the crown jewels in your personal palace. Whole sizes 5-10.