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Amethyst Gallery Earrings

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Amethyst Gallery Earrings

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A display of good taste

Place 20 total carats of museum-worthy amethyst in your ears!

For thousands of years, it was impossible to wear amethyst unless you were very royal or very rich. The plush purple stone was just as expensive and exclusive as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, and great rulers like Cleopatra wore it as a symbol of their divinity, their riches and, in Cleopatra's case, to accentuate her natural beauty. The amethyst treasures of the ancient world are now curated and guarded in the world's finest museums. For a small fee or a suggested donation, you can visit these elegant wonders and view through protective glass. Or, you could just wear one of your own.

The Gallery Earrings uses 20-total carats of pure purple amethyst strung across a gold-finished earrings in a decadent disc design. Don't be surprised if the museum security guy does a double-take to make sure the original is still in the glass case.

And no, we did not misplace a zero or two — that price is not a misprint. The 20-carat amethyst, museum-style Gallery Earrings really is available for this exclusive price. This piece is part of Stauer's commitment to making the gemstones that were once the preserve of the absolute elite available to customers who are smart enough to see quality jewelry at affordable prices.

When you buy the Gallery Earrings, you join the pantheon of ancient legends whose own amethyst treasures cause people to line up and buy tickets just for a glimpse. Are you ready to become the main attraction?

  • 20 Carats Total Weight
  • 6mm Coin shaped Genuine Amethyst
  • Gold-finished settingand spacers
  • 43mm or 1 ¾” Drop Earrings with French hooks
  • 2 grams each