Angel of Tombstone Earrings

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Angel of Tombstone Earrings

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The Angel of Tombstone

Legendary lady of the Old West inspires a stunning collection of stylish beads and shimmering gold!

"Pretty as a Victorian cameo and, when necessary, tougher than two-penny nails." That's what they used to say about Nellie Cashman, so-called "angel" of the Wild West. She caught the pioneering bug when Ulysses S. Grant told her to seekadventure out west, and go west she did.

In a life that would include working as a prospector, store owner, nurse and restaurateur, Cashman would always find time to help those in need. After moving to British Columbia to cash in on a gold strike, she heard that dozens of men were stranded in Cassiar Mountains in a snowstorm, Cashman immediately gathered a small crew to mount a rescue. Attempting to save these men was considered so dangerous that eventhe Canadian Army wouldn't go.

These Angel of Tombstone Earrings capture the pioneering spirit of this true American original. Inspired by the fabled White Buffalo Turquoise found in the Nevada mountains, this necklace is a testament to the strength and courage of those founding men and women of the Wild West. With gold-finished spacers to symbolize the gold rush that sparked so many to head into the unknown, these unique pieces are truly meant for those determined individuals who won't take no for an answer. Don't miss your chance to cash in on themother lode. Get the earrings inspired by a true angel.

  • 3.8 grams
  • French wire
  • 9.8 – 10mm beads
  • 1 “ drop
  • 4mm brass beads