Apatite & Amethyst Connoisseurs Necklace

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Apatite & Amethyst Connoisseurs Necklace

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An apatite for rarity

Welcome to the inner circle. This collectors gemstone is making waves.

If your gemstone cravings lean toward rare and unique, then allow us to pique your interest with carats and carats of an elusive electric blue gemstone known as apatite.

Apatite is very much an insider gemstone collectors’ secret, largely unknown to the general public. Apatite occurs in a kaleidoscope of colors–– including an electrifying shade of neon blue often confused with the Paraiba tourmaline, considered one of the world’s most valuable gemstones. This particular color of apatite commands the highest prices, according to a recent article published by the International Gem Society (IGS).

And, we just happen to have a healthy serving of 430 carats of Caribbean blue apatite that can rival the Paraiba tourmaline any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Apatite and Amethyst Connoisseurs Necklace features multiple strands of hand-strung apatite along with two perfect amethyst rounds. The apatite stones in this necklace are truly a splendid color you simply don’t see everyday. We invite you to indulge your apatite for a most tempting price.

  • 450 carats total weight
  • 24" Necklace with toggle clasp
  • yellow gold-finishedsetting, spacers, and clasp