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Aster Scienza® Ruby Earrings

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Aster Scienza® Ruby Earrings

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How to fetch a falling star

Sunset in the desert. The sky goes from orange to crimson and then the fireworks begin. A billion sparkling stars flicker for her attention. When one streaks across the sky, she can make a wish and hope it comes true. Or you can reach up and catch that falling star and keep her wishes coming true forever.

Inside the Aster Lab-created Ruby Earrings you'll see what looks like a shimmering star trapped inside the scientifically-crafted gemstone. In nature, only the rarest stones are graced with this extra-special effect. And even then, it takes the skilled and steady hand of a master gem cutter to coax out the inner beauty. Genuine star rubies have been prized for centuries for their unique, six-pointed starbursts, created when light reflects off tiny inclusions in the stone (a phenomenon known as 'asterism,' after 'aster' the Greek word for star). The most impressive examples are under glass in the world's finest museums. But scientists have perfected a technique for reproducing this incredibly rare star effect, without the exorbitant cost.

Our Aster Earrings showcase a 3-carat total weight lab-created ruby. The blush-colored cabochon features a magical star that seems to float within and dance across the smooth surface. Think of it as a portable starry night that lets her wish upon a star wherever she goes.

  • Tarnish Free Sterling Silver
  • French Wire
  • (2) 6mm x 8mm Lab Created Rubycabochon 2 5/8 carats total weight
  • (24) 1.6mm round lab created DiamondAura5/8 carats total weight
  • 22mm drop
  • 8mm wide