Blaze Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Ring

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Blaze DiamondAura® Ring

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Breaking news: Science beats Mother Nature!

Science has taken us to the Moon and the bottom of the ocean. It's split the atom and conquered polio. It's given us the microchip and continues to help us move forward. And now, science is up to its old tricks again.

The folks at Stauer are proud to present the new Blaze DiamondAura® Ring. Using only the best technology that science has to offer, a crack team of mineralogists has improved upon our classic formula, and we're passing on the benefits to you at no extra charge.

Each DiamondAura stone is crafted in labs under controlled conditions, creating a sparkle even brighter than the ones found in nature. The hues are deeper; its hold on the eye is stronger. Simply put, if Mother Nature found out what we were up to, she'd be furious.

We've placed a generous 4 carat lab-created DiamondAura in a .925 sterling silver setting, so you know this piece of jewelry is built to last. As if the wow factor wasn't already high enough, we've surrounded this 4 carat DiamondAura with dozens of smaller DiamondAura rounds to keep it company. A nature-made diamond of this size would run you tens of thousands of dollars, but because we value the loyalty of our customers, the Blaze DiamondAura Ring can be yours for this exclusive Stauer price.

Providing the best jewelry at the lowest prices is what put Stauer on the map. If you can find a better deal than this one, call the police because we doubt it's legal. Now that we've bested Mother Nature; snatch this deal before she finds out!

  • 4 1/4 carats total weight
  • (1)10mm Round Lab-created Diamondaura, 4ctw
  • (28)1mmRound Lab-created Diamondaura
  • (14)1.25mm Round Lab-created Diamondaura
  • .925Sterling Silver Setting
  • 12mm design
  • sits 7mm high
  • 2mm band
  • 3 grams
  • available inwhole sizes 5-10