Blue Topaz Star Pendant

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Blue Topaz Star Pendant

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A Star Performance by Blue Topaz

Topaz has an exceptionally wide color range that includes various tones and saturations of green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. But it's at its most beautiful when in blue–a unique color of topaz that's valued for being both light and bright.

In our Blue Topaz Star Pendant, we've set almost 4 total carats of perfect blue topaz in intricate rose gold-finished sterling silver settings. If you've seen blue topaz prices in retail stores then you might not believe me, but the secret to everything we do at Stauer is that we don't spend our money on storefronts and salesmen, we just sell the finest products direct to our trusted customers. Which is why we can offer you the stellar beauty of the blue topaz for a fraction of the cost.