Cabaret Natural Sapphire & DiamondAura® Earrings

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Cabaret Natural Sapphire & DiamondAura® Earrings

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Secret of the "Sapphire Siren"

Gaspard loves to tell stories. Whenever we visit him at his shop in the Marais, he's quick to pull an antique from his case and spin an impossibly romantic yarn about its origins (a man after my own heart). One of his best tales regards the original version of these stunning Art Deco earrings. He claimed they belonged to a bewitching cabaret singer from the 1920s who sang like an angel and drank Curacao like water. Some say the alluring blue liquor was the secret to her songs. Gaspard gives full credit to the earrings.

Whatever story you choose to believe, we've brought back some of the mystery and magic with these stunning Cabaret Natural Sapphire & DiamondAura® Earrings. The Deco-inspired design of .925 sterling silver geometry showcases dozens of dazzling, lab-created DiamondAura rounds that draw the eye towards a brilliant arrangement of natural blue sapphires. Two dangling rounds and a stripe of inset square-cuts take the spotlight and absolutely ignite these post-back earrings with a 1½ carats of spectacular sparkle. When it comes to singing the blues, we may have slightly changed the tune... but the heart and soul of the song remains the same.

  • Tarnish free sterling silver
  • (22) 1.5mm square natural sapphire
  • (2) 1.5mm roundnatural sapphire
  • (4) 2.5mm round natural sapphire
  • (60) 1.1mm round lab createdDiamondAura
  • (10) 1.3mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • Post back