Canary DiamondAura® Coronation Necklace & Pendant Collection

Canary DiamondAura® Coronation Necklace & Pendant Collection

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"The greatest object of my journey"

Make a royal impression with 90 carats of gorgeous golden yellow canary DiamondAura®!

Baron Waldstein of Moravia had one thing on his mind when he visited England in the summer of 1600. Her name was Elizabeth and she was one of the most powerful women on the planet. The young Baron admired the architecture of the country and toured all of the abbeys and palaces, but the idea of an audience with the Queen was going to be the highlight of his trip. In his diary, he wrote how much he hoped to see "the greatest object of my journey 'the figure of the Queen' glittering with the glory of majesty and adorned with jewelry and precious gems." You can be certain that Elizabeth did not disappoint her guest.

Much like the grand and breathtaking statement pieces found among the Royal Jewels, our Coronation Collection was designed specifically to impress visitors. The spectacular cuts of golden yellow, lab-created DiamondAura® glisten inside their gold-finished settings. But that 18" of radiant sparkle is just a warm-up for the stunning canary DiamondAura teardrop pendant. The 18-carat lab-crafted pear dangles from the extravagant strand like a museum treasure set free for the night. This is an impressive, special occasion piece that delivers a regal sense of style and sophistication. We dare you not to stare.

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  • Lab created canary DiamondAura

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