Castile Yellow Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Pendant

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Castile Yellow DiamondAura® Pendant

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The stone that discovered America?

Own the biggest secret in luxury history! Inspired by the massive yellow diamond that helped find the New World!

Stones this big always come with their own mythology, and our 48-carat Castile Pendant is inspired by one of the most mysterious of all: the Swan Diamond. In the late 15th century, Queen Isabella I wanted to unite all the kingdoms of Spain and make her nation a player on the world scene. Christopher Columbus' expedition was just the ticket. But with the treasury running low, how to finance such a venture? Legend has it, Isabella invested in her nation's future, financing Columbus' voyage by selling off her collection of precious gems (one of them, supposedly, the spectacular Swan Diamond).

The bold yellow beauty in our Castile Pendant is not only bigger, it's also more brilliant than the fabled Swan. This lab-created yellow DiamondAura® is a stunning 48-carat beauty, expertly crafted into a unique hexagonal cut, giving the stone added depth. Even the best gem-cutters at the time could not have cut with more precision and skill than the artists who crafted the Castile. Advanced technology delivers near-perfection on every facet.

The Castile is set in gold-finished sterling silver, and surrounded by 60 white DiamondAura — the only stones that we knew had enough fire to match Isabella's legendary determination.

  • 17.9 grams weight
  • 49 1/3 carat total weight
  • 38.9mm drop
  • 10.7mm thick
  • Yellowgold finished over sterling silver