Caterina Fluorite Earrings

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Caterina Fluorite Earrings

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Prepare to rule

Caterina de Medici was the most powerful woman in Europe in the early-16th century, and not by accident. Born to the wealthy but common Medici family of Florentine bankers, the politically savvy Caterina ascended to the monarchy as a teenager when she married Henry II of France, taking the name Catherine, and ruling first alongside her husband. Catherine became the ultimate power behind the throne, successfully maneuvering through multiple civil wars and keeping her husband and then sons in power.

The Caterina Fluorite Earrings are inspired by the lady's legendary rise and rule. The delicious deep green of these earrings' Fluorite stones glow with the ambition of those who dare to wear them, and represent the envy of those who can only wish to possess your skill and poise. The earrings are made of a single stone each and combine the regal colors of green and gold.

Like Caterina herself, Fluorite wasn't born into nobility. It isn't immediately placed on the same pedestal as diamonds and sapphires and so doesn't come with an artificially inflated price tag. But, just like Caterina, Fluorite refuses to be ignored, possessing depths of color and clarity that those more famous gemstones can only dream of, requiring only the right setting to shine. We've found that setting with the Caterina Fluorite Earrings, so we can offer you this ambitious, royal look at this exclusive Stauer price. A small price to pay to start you own magnificent dynasty.

  • 50 Carats Total Weight
  • (2)14mm Round Fluorite, 25.3ctw each
  • Gold-finished
  • 36mm or 1 ½” Drop
  • French Hook Backs
  • 6 grams each