Cayman Emerald Necklace

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Great Enerygy!

i love it!

Amy Zills


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Beautiful Emeralds

I just got my necklace in the mail and I absolutely love it! The color is beautiful and the gold clasp and chain look really nice with the green.

Margarette Lewis

Burleson Tx

Cayman Emerald Necklace

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How to beat the high cost of sunken treasure

You are alone at the bottom of the ocean. The only sound comes from your beating heart and the hiss of your air regulator. A flash of green catches your eye. You slip a gloved hand into the ocean floor and raise it slowly. The sand pours through your fingers, revealing a glittering green stone. And another. And another...

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you didn't really find any gemstones at the bottom of the ocean, but that's also the good news. Most of the time, stumbling on sunken treasure turns out to be more trouble than its worth. Lucky for you, this spectacular 200-carat Cayman Emerald Necklace is all treasure with none of the trouble.

By coming to us for precious gems, you spare yourself the dangers of the deep. No sharks. Not a pirate in sight (though I've met plenty of fortune-hunters who'd rather face seagoing thugs than duel with lawyers in open court). Maybe you heard about the amateur diver who discovered thousands of raw emeralds just off the Florida coast. His find is potentially worth millions, but until the courts see fit to award him ownership, he can't sell a single carat.

Between the high cost of recovery and skyrocketing legal fees, the man's emerald jackpot is costing him a fortune. You, on the other hand, get something to brag about right away. Our Cayman Emerald Necklace - a garland of polished precious emeralds! The 18" necklace secures with a clasp finished in luxurious gold and boasts an impressive 200 carats of genuine emerald. Complete the set with a matching 55-carat Cayman Emerald Bracelet and 10-carat Earrings. This collection is the perfect way to claim your own sunken treasure while keeping your head (and wallet) above water!

  • Emerald Drops
  • Strung on jeweler’s thread
  • 18” length with a 2” extender
  • 200carats total weight
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • 52 grams weight
  • 14 K gold plated Brass