Chartres Pendant

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Chartres Pendant

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A work of Chartres

Inspired by the 
rose windows 
of an architectural 
-Chartres Cathedral 
in France

Built more than 1,000 years ago, Chartres Cathedral is a masterpiece, a designated World Heritage Site, widely celebrated as the high point of French Gothic architecture. Chartres Cathedral’s three intricate stained-glass rose windows are an integral part of the design, rich with color and religious symbolism, and equally moving and beautiful viewed from inside or outside the cathedral walls.

The design of the Chartres Pendant is inspired by the shape of those world-famous rose windows, with 13 rhodolite gemstones, weighing 4 ¾ carats, set in a rose gold-finished pendant. The bright purplish hue, unique to rhodolite, brings an air of holiness, while the surrounding lab-created DiamondAura® stones add a halo of bright light.  

The Chartres Pendant is a religious experience you can wear anywhere.

  • 4 1/4 carats total weight
  • (13) Round, Square, & Marquise cut Rhodolite Garnets,4 3/4ctw
  • (48) Round lab-created DiamondAura Accents
  • Rose gold-finished .925sterling silver setting
  • 1 3/4" Drop & 1" Wide Pendant
  • Chain not included,recommend 24377, 18" Rose gold-finished Chain