Co-Pilot Mens Watch

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Co-Pilot Watch Review

Very nice watch. This has a functioning, bi-directional slide rule bezel, and the basic calculations I've done with it seem pretty accurate for a watch of this price.

The second hand for the stopwatch is the long, centrally mounted second hand, which I prefer, not one of the subdials, like with some cheaper watches. And, when you reset the stopwatch, the minute and second hands quickly return to zero without needing to spin round and round.

When I tap on the crystal with my finger, it feels substantial, not cheap or "plasticky."

The specs say it has 40mm diameter case, but it "wears" bigger, maybe due to the fact that the metal bezel is so thin, so that the crystal takes up most of the viewing area of the watch, and everything inside the crystal is a similar color. To me, it looks a nice size on the wrist.

The only cons are that it doesn't have the date, and the stopwatch second hand is slightly "wobbly", but not enough to make it difficult to read the value it is pointi


Altamonte Springs, FL

Co-Pilot Mens Watch

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Time flies

The Co-Pilot Watch recalls an era of aerial bravery that will never be forgotten.

Soaring over English skies in 1940, Royal Air Force pilots knew they were all that stood between the British people below and the impending Nazi invasion. Day after day, these brave men took their Hurricanes and Spitfires to the air, relying on nothing and no one but their instruments and each other, to engage the invaders, defend their countrymen, and change the course of history by handing Hitler his first defeat of World War II.

“Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few,” said Winston Churchill.

The Co-Pilot Men’s Watch is inspired by what was accomplished in the Battle of Britain. This classic aviation-style watch is not for the faint of heart. It features markings to calculate velocity, and a stylish sepia-toned dial carrying three classic complications: 24-hour at 3 o’clock and chronograph 60-minute at 9 o’clock. The Co-Pilot’s look is completed by a vintage-style distressed brown leather strap. 

Those brave pilots flew solo, but their instruments were invaluable. It’s where they looked for confirmation, what they relied on when in trouble. We want our Co-Pilot Men’s Watch to fulfill that role for you, and that’s why we’ve priced it at a low-flying price for a high-flying timepiece.

  • Japanese Precision Movement
  • Stainless Steel case, caseback, & crown
  • Chronograph
  • 40mm Case Diameter
  • 12mm Case Thickness
  • 20mm Band Width
  • Distressed leather band in brown
  • 24 hour dial
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Battery type:SR927SW