Connoisseurs Danburite Ring

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Connoisseurs Danburite Ring

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How to acquire a collectors gem

Classified as a Collector's Gem... Danburites brilliance rivals that of the finest yellow diamonds--and is 10,000 times more rare!

Here at Stauer we specialize in seeking out the world's rarest stones. And, as the one of the largest buyers of rare and precious gemstones in the world you can count on us to not only find the unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful, but you can depend on us to make these extraordinary finds jaw-droppingly affordable.

We are proud to bring you our newest, almost unheard of gemstone: Danburite. Danburite is quite rare and is primarily classified as a collector’s gem, meaning it’s 10,000 times rarer than diamonds. When the Gemological Laboratory of Los Angeles was asked to identify this yellow stone they thought they had a very fine yellow sapphire on their hands— as it showed the same high luster and golden yellow color. Instead they identified the stone as a much rarer gem known as Danburite. Source: (GIA) Gemological Institute of America.

Named after the city of Danbury, Connecticut, where it was first described in 1839 by eminent American mineralogist Charles Shepard, Danburite’s brilliance can rival that of the finest yellow diamond or sapphire— and is actually a much rarer gemstone.

Experience this unique gemstone in an exquisite ring showcasing five oval-cut danburite stones accentuated by a sprinkling of our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura® rounds. A collectible-quality stone that won’t collect debt makes the Connoisseur’s Ring a true delight.