Copper Circuitry Ring

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Copper Circuitry Ring

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Get on the style circuit

High-tech companies are now using copper in the most powerful computer chips they manufacture. Copper’s superior conductivity enables faster operating speeds and greater circuit integration, packing 400 million transistors into a single chip, keeping performance high while keeping operating temperatures low. 

Our goal for cutting edge men’s accessories is similar: we aim to keep your fashion performance high while keeping prices low.

The men’s Copper Circuitry Ring is inspired by the latest technological advances. We’ve taken the same lengths of copper used in the fastest computer chips and crafted the raw material into a stylish, systematic circuit board pattern. This conductive craftsmanship is housed in a circle of sturdy, bright stainless steel. 

The Copper Circuitry Ring combines high-tech and high fashion with low prices. So, we have just one question for you: are you ready to conduct some business?

  • Stainless steel with red copper inlay
  • 8mm wide & 3mm thickness
  • Available inwhole sizes 8-14