Desire Ruby Necklace

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Desire Ruby Necklace

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Go deep into the red

The Desire Ruby Necklace spares noexpense to give you 360 carats of the world's most sought after stone.

If you really want to impress thelove of your life, then you have to go big. That means securing the most extravagant stone with the most impressive history, and don't forget to make sure it has the most richly-saturated, undeniably-glorious color. Our advice? Go big, or don't even think about going home. And prepare to go deep into the red.

The only stone with the pedigree to match her expectations is ruby. Known in ancient Sanskrit texts as “the king of gemstones,” the world's rarest and most precious stone has been coveted for thousands of years by pharaohs, emperors, kings and queens, and the intense passion for ruby's fiery red color has never cooled.

The Desire Ruby Necklace is an incredible 360 carats of enhanced, deep red ruby. Fifty genuine color-enhanced ruby gemstones, every single one glowing with the rich red color that has captivated people in every age of human history, presented on a gold-finished necklace. When she sees the Desire Ruby Necklace, she'll know you spared no expense.

And while this look can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, that's only if you're not shopping with Stauer. We've been around long enough to know how this industry works and so we're issuing our own royal decree to make the king of gemstones available without a king's ransom. The Desire Necklace is yours for this incredible price, so the only red you'll go into is the deep and powerful color of the world's most precious gemstone.

  • 360 Carats Total Weight
  • Faceted Beads of enhanced Ruby
  • Gold-finished setting
  • 18” Necklace with a 2” extender and lobster clasp
  • 78 grams