Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Avalon Ring & FREE Stud Earrings

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Beautiful Ring

My husband whom I love w/ all of my heart ought me this ring and I also received the nice earrings too. The ring is breathtaking and incredible! I believe that this ring is a serious piece of jewelry that will be passed down for generations!! Thanks the beauty is great, and he didn't break the bank! Now we can enjoy some.other Stauer buys!????


LaGrAngeville, N.Y.

DiamondAura® Avalon Ring & FREE Stud Earrings

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URGENT: Diamond Ring Recall

Experts warn that millions of rings may be “romantically defective” when compared to the spectacular 4-Carat DiamondAura® Avalon.

She loves natural diamonds. She loves you even more. But when even the skimpiest solitaires sell for as much as $1,200, it's time to reconsider your relationship...with diamonds. Have you recently overpaid only to be underwhelmed? Send it back. You can do bolder. You can do brighter. You can own the Stauer 4-carat DiamondAura® Avalon Ring!

When "cute" is a four-letter word. If you want to make a romantic impression, go big. Cute doesn't cut it. Your love deserves to be wowed. If you're a billionaire with money to burn, turn the page. Everyone else? What you read next just might change your love life. There's only one way to find out...

We rewrote the rules of romance. Only Stauer's exclusive lab-created DiamondAura gives you the luxury look of large-carat diamonds for a fraction of the price. The ingenious DiamondAura process involves the use of rare minerals heated to incredibly high temperatures of nearly 5000°F. After cutting and polishing, scientists create a faultless marvel that's optically brighter and clearer with even more color and fire than a "D" flawless diamond.

New twist on traditional. Our exclusive DiamondAura jewelry features all of the classic specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass. You get the look of natural stones, without the outrageous cost.

Experience the luxury of money in the bank. We "built" our own mined diamond version of this ring online at a popular jewelry site and the grand total was $77,767! Today you can wear this 3 ¾ carat lab-created DiamondAura solitaire, accented with 32 gleaming DiamondAura rounds in fine .925 sterling silver.

That's good, but you deserve better. Order now and we'll include the matching 1-total carat DiamondAura Avalon Earrings...absolutely FREE. That's right, 5 total carats of DiamondAura in sterling silver for this exclusive price. Talk about money in the bank!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you don't absolutely adore your DiamondAura Avalon Ring & Earrings, return them within 60 days for a full refund of your item sale price. But we promise that once you get a look at the Avalon up close, you'll see love in a whole new light.