Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Paradise Pendants (Set of 4)

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DiamondAura® Paradise Pendants (Set of 4)

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World's best apology...

When you're in love, it feels like you're living in paradise. But the truth is, even when we're in love, we still make mistakes. Suddenly paradise doesn't seem so perfect. But don't fret. When it's time to say, “I'm sorry,” Stauer's got you covered. Flowers and candy just won't do. She wants your apology to be as original and thoughtful as the man she fell in love with. She wants you to melt her heart and remind her how much you care. You need Stauer's DiamondAura® Paradise Pendants to bring back the peace.

Each of these 4 pendants features over 2-carats total weight of lab-created DiamondAura that shines brighter and with more sparkle than natural mined diamonds. The center is a showcase of over 1 ½ -carats of pear-cut DiamondAura surrounded by 25 round-cut DiamondAura. When it's time to say “I'm sorry,” let Stauer's DiamondAura Paradise Pendants speak for you. A romantic reminder that the best part of paradise is the person you're with.