DiamondAura® Rivieré Bracelet

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I bought this bracelet about a year ago when my husband and I were going on vacation. It had such a close resemblance to my own diamond bracelet I could not pass it up! I received so many compliments, it was amazing. I left the original bracelet in the Safe Deposit box and wear this on ALL the time and compliments and remarks are endless. Very classy, easy to wear to work or evenings out. Buy with confidence, you will NOT be disappointed. I would love to have the matching necklace!!


Chattanooga, TN

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Absolutely Gorgeous

My girlfriends are so taken with this bracelet that I was asked if it could be borrowed by a bride for her wedding day - she also borrowed my Stauer diamondAura stud earrings and she got so many compliments and ooh's and ahhh's over the Riviere bracelet she joked the bracelet got more attention than she did. It was absolutely gorgeous with her wedding outfit and the flash and fire of the brilliant stones could be seen from afar. Of all my bracelets and I have many, the Riviere is by far my favorite, eliciting stares and envious looks. Because of this bracelet's beauty I've had two friends of mine sign up with Stauer's Platinum membership just so they could buy the Riviere themselves. As for me, my eyes just popped when I opened the beautiful box it came in and I couldn't get over how expensive it looks.
One of the best purchases I've ever made, I favor it over gold and other gemstones. Fabulous, gorgeous and outrageously beautiful.

Jesse Fornaro

Whitby, Ontario Canada

DiamondAura® Rivieré Bracelet

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How to inherit a fortune

A mysterious royal beauty inspires our most spectacular DiamondAura® Collection EVER!

Albert said the bracelet once belonged to the Countess Rivieré, a regular in his Paris jewelry shop. “She wore diamonds like no woman I've ever seen,” he said. “Every one of these stones sparkles less in her absence.”

We never met her, but we still fell in love with her bracelet. And so will you. Once you snap this band of brilliant white fire around your own lady's wrist, it will look (and feel) like she just inherited a fortune. But the only fortunes involved are the one you saved and our good fortune finding a designer talented enough to transform a $49,000 heirloom into the spectacular 20-total carats of lab-created DiamondAura Rivieré Bracelet.

Of course, Albert didn't recall what Madame Rivieré was the Countess of, or what happened to her after she stopped visiting his tiny shop on the Rue Saint-Honore. But he still misses her terribly. And his story almost compelled me to buy the bracelet. Almost.

I say almost because vintage white diamonds don't come cheap. The Countess's original was a gorgeous piece with the kind of flash that surely sparked whispers and stares back in her day. But I knew we could use science to create a bolder, more beautiful version for much less.

The new science of romance. Our lush DiamondAura Rivieré Bracelet boasts more than 20-total carats of brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura set in .925 sterling silver. Faceted white ovals alternate with sparkling rounds to deliver an unbelievable amount of fire. Even the slightest twist of the wrist triggers a light show like you've never seen.

More color and fire than a “D” flawless diamond. Our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura jewelry includes all of the classic specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass.

  • 7 1/2" Long
  • Prong Set
  • (13) 2.75mm Round Lab Created Diamondaura
  • (13) 6mm x 8mm Oval Lab Created Diamondaura
  • Tarnish Free Sterling Silver
  • 20 1/3 Carat Total Weight