Diamondaura® Seafarer Scroll Ring

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Diamondaura® Seafarer Scroll Ring

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Secrets for smoother sailing

In Norse mythology, it was believed that the nine lovely Wave Maidens controlled the behavior of the world's oceans and seas. Each of the celestial beauties was named for the characteristics of breaking water (including pitching, surging, frothing and foaming). Viking sailors knew that if the Maidens were happy, they could count on calm seas. But unhappy Maidens meant that all hands on deck were in for a bumpy ride.

You won't find many Viking ships cruising the Baltic these days, but the idea that a happy maiden makes for smooth sailing has certainly stood the test of time.

Our designers crafted the shimmering swirls of our Seafarer Scroll Ring to sooth even the roughest surf. Precious metal artists worked with incredible patience to craft this stunning band of breaking waves. Its airy, open canopy shape looms large on the finger without excessive weight. Forged from genuine .925 sterling silver, the Seafarer Scroll Ring is finished in a luxurious layer of 14K rose gold. Its elegant assortment of dynamic curves are highlighted with microset, lab-created DiamondAura rounds. The fiery white lab-created stones twinkle like the sunlit tops of cresting waves. No matter where or when you plan to set sail, there is no more spectacular way to keep your course as smooth as glass. Your maiden will be most pleased.

  • Rose Gold clad
  • 9.3 grams total weight
  • 14mm wide
  • 7.77mm high
  • (70) round labcreated DiamondAura
  • ½ carats total weight
  • Available in sizes 5 – 10