DiamondAura Snowflake Pendant and Stud Earring Set

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DiamondAura Snowflake Pendant and Stud Earring Set

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We GUARANTEE a White Christmas

Enough debate! We can’t solve the Global Warming crisis by talking about it. Adding more hot air only makes the problem worse. That’s why we’ve decided to DO something instead. This holiday season, it doesn’t matter if you live in the frigid North Woods of Minnesota or the scorching desert outside Tuscon… you’re getting SNOW. That’s right. Stauer GUARANTEES a White Christmas! Think you’ll get that kind of commitment from the TV weatherfolks? And just like snowflakes, the sparkle of each is uniquely spectacular thanks to the brilliance of our exclusive, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds!

Each fiery spire radiates from the center to create an eye-catching display of glamorous geometry. This is the snowflake that never melts and the only one created at incredibly high temperatures of nearly 5,000˚ F. Thanks to advanced science, you can wear a full half-carat of impeccable lab-created DiamondAura (with even more fire than mined diamonds) without the outrageous cost. Perfect for adding a touch of winter wonder to any occasion!

Our DiamondAura Classic 4-prong Stud Earrings have superior fire and color dispersion when compared to mined diamonds. Set in luxurious gold with post backs, each 5mm round DiamondAura weighs ½ carat, for a total of 1-carat. And best of all, these studs are just as easy on the purse as they are on the eyes.

  • Includes Pendant, Chain, & Studs