Doccia DiamondAura® Platinum-finished Solitaire Ring

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So Beautiful!

This ring is so amazingly beautiful, the photo on the website does not do it justice. I'm so happy I took the chance in buying from Stauer for the first time! This ring is gorgeous! I can't stop looking at it!


Albuquerque, NM

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Beautiful Dream come true!

I absolutely love this ring!!! I so badly
Want the band, I am hoping it's brought back! My childhood love found me on facebook after years of looking for me for over 30 years. He asked me to marry him! I said yes and asked for these rings. Well I was lucky enough to get the emgagement ring, but not the band. Heartbroken..I keep looking!! Stauer please bring it back!!! He is a Purple Heart recipient!! And we have a fairy tale reunion! Please....Make our dreams come true. He will buy it for me!!


Round Rock, Texas

Doccia DiamondAura® Platinum-finished Solitaire Ring

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For wetter or worse

Our Luvia Platinum-Layered DiamondAura® Rings are designed to keep your love lit, long after the wedding day

We were in the second row, waiting for the bride, when I saw the clouds. It was a mean-looking pack of dark thunderheads just offshore. The lightning flashed and then the wind started. It unraveled the meticulous hairdos of the bridesmaids and sent a cluster of floral arrangements crashing to the floor. If you plan an outdoor summer wedding in the tropics, you have to expect that kind of trouble. But it didn't make us feel any less horrible for the young couple at the center of this soon-to-be mess. My wife and I followed the rest of the guests inside for shelter.

Remarkably, the bride and groom were unfazed. They were all smiles as the skies unleashed sheets of torrential fury onto the biggest day of their lives. Once the clouds broke, they rushed outside. Some of us rushed out to follow them, others stayed in the dry banquet hall. But all of us watched man and wife dance their first dance, barefoot on the beach, under an enormous double rainbow.

It was one of those sights you never forget. But even the amazing pictures from that day couldn't adequately capture the majesty of the moment. You had to be there. You had to see it with your own eyes. I feel the same way about this Luvia DiamondAura® Wedding Set. Our photographer has done a phenomenal job highlighting the sharpness and sparkle of each individual lab-created DiamondAura. From the gorgeous 2-carat stunner atop the solitaire engagement ring to every flickering round microset in platinum-layered sterling silver, you can see the fire from each facet. But nothing compares to watching it flash on her finger.

Thanks to our exclusive DiamondAura process and the timeless luxury of platinum, you don't have to wait for Mother Nature to put on a show. Bring home these and deliver the rainbows yourself!

  • 2 4/5 carats total weight
  • (84) 1.25mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 8mmround lab created DiamondAura
  • Available in size 5 – 10
  • 8mm wide
  • 6.6mm high
  • Platinum layered sterling silver