Droplet Earring Collection

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Droplet Earring Collection

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Three times the earrings

When it comes to showing the same clarity and fire as diamonds, look no further than DiamondAura®. These scientifically-grown stones are faultless and inclusion-free, enabling us to create pieces that radiate with vibrant color. The effect is a clear, flawless marvel that looks even better than and has more fire than mined diamonds and other precious stones. The only thing missing is a lot of zeros.

The Droplet Earring Collection features three beautiful colors and three gorgeous cuts. Round, pear and oval cuts take on hues of peridot, emerald and Madeira citrine for a total of over 20 total carats of shimmering jewel-toned beauty. And, because DiamondAura gives you look of fine gems without the cost you get three times the earrings at three times the savings.

  • Set Includes 3 pairs of Earrings
  • Each pair ~6 7/8ctw
  • One pair of Apple GreenDiamondAura, Cognace DiamondAura, & Olive Green DiamondAura
  • White DiamondAuraAccents
  • Frech Hooks