Dual Monarchy Amethyst Earrings

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Dual Monarchy Amethyst Earrings

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A royal bargain

The Dual Monarchy Amethyst Earrings present you with two colors of royal amethyst for the price of one.

Since amethyst’s discovery a few thousand years ago, its proud purple hue has been a symbol of power and nobility, beloved by royalty throughout the ages. Cleopatra famously wore an amethyst signet ring, Catherine the Great mobilized armies to mine her mountains for the precious stone, and the Crown Jewels of the British monarchy proudly display amethysts to this day. And now you are about to join their ranks.

The Dual Monarchy Amethyst Earrings deliver 22 carats of purple and green amethyst for an incredible price. Have no doubt, that figure would draw envious glances from ancient royalty, particularly Catherine the Great’s.

We’re able to offer such savings thanks to our incredibly efficient business model. Though we offer amethysts fit for a queen, we do so without royal ceremony—selling direct to the customer without the aid of storefronts or shop assistants or anything else that drives up retail costs. Best of all, your only royal duties will be to look good, feel good and spread regality wherever you go.

  • Genuine purple and green amethyst
  • Gold-finsihed spacers and settings
  • 22 ctw Earrings: 1.5" drop; French hooks