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East of Eden Artisan Collection Peridot, Yellow and Orange Sapphire Pendant Plus Chain

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East of Eden Artisan Collection Peridot, Yellow and Orange Sapphire Pendant Plus Chain

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Enchanting rain forest under the sea inspires art

Thailands dive site East of Eden is an enchanted gentle sloping reef filled with Staghorn, Blue, Sand and Fire coral and is the inspiration behind the East Of Eden Artisan Collection.

Because they are so diverse, coral reefs are often called the rain forests of the sea. They teem with life, with about one quarter of all ocean species depending on reefs for food and shelter. This is remarkable considering reefs cover less than one percent of the earth’s surface and less than two percent of the ocean bottom. 

A group of talented artisans in Thailand have drawn inspiration from the natural beauty of this underwater living sculpture garden, creating a collection that translates its fanciful shapes, patterns and colors. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, with the artisan placing sunny green peridot and shimmering blue moonstone in exquisitely-formed settings of sterling silver.

Unfortunately, in some places, reefs have been entirely destroyed, and in many places reefs today are a pale shadow of what they once were. Which is why we’re donating a portion of the sales to the Coral Reef Alliance. You can wear these beautiful pieces knowing you did your part in helping preserve one of the world’s most beautiful and vital ecosystems.

  • 2 carats total weight
  • (1)8mm Free Form Peridot, 1 3/4ctw
  • (2) Round Yellow Sapphire Accents
  • (2) Round Orange Sapphire Accents
  • Rhodium and gold-finished .925 sterling silver settings
  • 1 1/2" Drop, 2/3" Wide
  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain Included
  • 4 grams