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Emerald Green Beryl Earrings

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Emerald Green Beryl Earrings

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Old family money

Twenty five total carats of emerald's identical twin goes all out in emerald green for a 
fraction of the cost

The Beryl family... you may have heard of them. Luscious green emerald, precious pink Morganite and enchanting blue Aquamarine who often goes by “mermaid’s treasure.” All these magnificent stones have beryl genetic heritage. However, they are a quirky lot. Despite sharing the same chemical DNA, their appearance can vary dramatically— especially in color. These color variances occur due to geography and very specific shifts in temperature and pressure.

Yes, the Beryls are a family of characters. They also have a talent for squeezing into say a richer, brighter cousin’s shoes with a little help. Our Emerald Green Beryl Earrings show off beryl’s ability to deliver the verdant, lush green of emeralds while masterfully keeping the price affordable. Twenty-five carats of beryl punched up a notch and enhanced gives you emerald green without forking over so much green. We think that makes Beryl pretty special. Rub elbows with one of the most versatile families of gemstones and enjoy the perks of the unassuming, yet super talented Beryl.

  • 25 carats total weight
  • faceted Green Beryl Stones
  • Yellow gold-finishedsterling silver spacers and clasp
  • 2 1/3" Drop Earrings with French hooks
  • 6grams