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Ethiopian Sun Ring

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Ethiopian Sun Ring

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Rarest flower in the world?

The world's rarest flower is the Middlemist Red camellia. This bright pink camellia originated in China, but in 1804, John Middlemist brought it over as a new jewel for Britain's wealthy flower collectors. He never knew how rare it would eventually become. After the London Blitz during World War II, there were only two known Middlemist Reds left in existence - one in a 19th century London conservatory, and the other in Waitangi, New Zealand. We think we've come up with something almost as rare The Ethiopian Sun Ring.

Artists have combined botany and gemology to spawn flowers out of superb, gleaming gems. Our most recent growth comes from the heart of Africa. The Ethiopian Sun Ring is a rare and gorgeous bloom - with a bewitching 1½ carat Ethiopian white topaz that reflects iridescent light from its mysterious heart of fire. The Ethiopian Sun is a flower of incredible opalescence that will never wilt, with a shine that will last a lifetime. Who needs a bouquet when a single, incomparable flower says it all?

  • (1)8mm x 10mm Oval Ethiopian Opal, 1.70ctw
  • (10)2.8mm x 4mm Oval Rhodolite
  • (60)0.8mm Round White Topaz
  • (48)1mm Round White Topaz
  • 3.74 Carats TotalWeight
  • 10K Rose Gold
  • Flower is 20mm x 19mm
  • 10mm High
  • 7 grams
  • Available inwhole sizes 6 - 9