Fifth Avenue DiamondAura Bracelet

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I received this today from my dad as a birthday present. I can’t stop looking at it. Pictures cannot capture all the sparkles. It’s classy and not overdone. There are two clasps, so you can remove one if you have a smaller wrist. It fits mine perfectly. I plan to wear this beauty a lot. Looks like Dad got a great deal too.


Fort Myers, FL

Fifth Avenue DiamondAura Bracelet

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Best kept holiday secret

The look good, feel good stone

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Unless you have a jeweler’s loop you would never be able to tell the difference between mined diamonds and our scintillating stones. 

We’ve leveraged the powers of science to create a true rock star that’s not only on par with mined diamonds but has more fire and less inclusions. Our signature lab-created DiamondAura® Fifth Avenue Bracelet features all of the classic jeweler specifications, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight and is hard enough to cut glass. The only thing missing are a few zeros. In fact a similar exquisitely designed bracelet touting eleven carats of mined diamonds would set you back about $20,000. We can give you that 5th Avenue designer jeweler look for a price that can keep you on easy street. 

This is a bracelet she’ll reach for time and time again. Cushion cut stones in halo settings, interspaced with rounds creates a unique twist on a classic look. A beautiful way to show her your eternal devotion, without making endless payments to some big name jewelry store. Your secret is safe with us.

  • 11 1/5 carats total weight
  • Lab-created DiamondAura
  • silver-finished setting
  • 6mm wide
  • 12 grams
  • 7 1/4" Bracelet with foldover clasp