Garnet Garland Bracelet

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Garnet Garland Bracelet

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Italian doctor discovers ancient "love drug"

Now available without a prescription! Get 60 carats of gorgeous
red garnet!

Today if you want to learn about gemstones, you ask a jeweler or geologist. But back in the 16th century, Italians went to see the doctor. Respected men of science and medicine believed that precious stones did more than just look pretty. They believed the power of gems could cure almost anything. And if you needed serious help in the romance department, nothing worked better than garnet. Today you can get a massive dose of the legendary gem for an unbelievable price.

Order now and this stunning 60-Carat Garnet Garland Bracelet is yours for this special, limited-time price!

The color of passion. In 1502, Camillus Leonardus, M.D. published his Speculum Lapidum (Mirror of Stones) about the mystical properties of gemstones. One of the stars of that volume was the deep-red garnet. Garnet was adored by the Greeks and Romans. In the Middle Ages, Bohemian craftsmen used it to create romantic treasures. Few stones provoke more passion, fire and desire than red garnets. Today the heat still smolders.

Your love isn't average. It deserves a remarkable bracelet at a ridiculous discount. And the Italian doctor inspired us to give garnets the big deal they deserved. After all, if a stone has been said to dissipate sadness, avert evil thoughts and exhilarate the soul, it begs for something special. If scholars once thought that garnets could bring sleep to the sleepless, drive away the plague, and attract riches, glory, honor and great wisdom, why stop at ordinary?

That's why, for the next four weeks only, you can wear this 60-Carat Garnet Garland Bracelet for this unbelievable price! The 7½" bracelet secures with a gold-finished S-hook. This gorgeous bracelet perfectly complements any outfit from couture to casual. Deep color. Sparkling. Seductive. Can the legendary love powers of garnet rev up your romance? We can't say for sure, but taking your medicine has never felt like more of an indulgence!

  • 7 1/2” length
  • 28 grams total weight
  • ¾” wide
  • (200) 3mm round color enhancedgarnet beads
  • 60 carat total weight