Gemstone Decadence Green Amethyst Pear Cut Ring

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Beautiful stone and design

I want this ring! Here I go again with a ring that has a band which is too thin and narrow to support the design. It will spin on my finger. Help, please. Wider bands are needed! At least include a ring guard for those who need one!

Aunt Sweety Pie

South Miami, Fl

Gemstone Decadence Green Amethyst Pear Cut Ring

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Who knew BIG carats could cost so LITTLE?!

Carats and carats of big glorious genuine gemstones, expertly faceted in intricate settings of .925 sterling silver all priced under $100? This is not a typo, we did not misplace a zero. We are doing what we do best and buying big and keeping costs low and dealing directly with our designers and gemcutters to bring you a truly extraordinary value. AND, we’ve taken our already unbelievably low prices and made them even more unbelievable.

These beauties at a big name designer cost over 10 times what we’re asking, and with less carat weight. Our Gemstone Decadence Collection features a full spectrum of genuine gemstone rings that should but don’t cost a fortune. Take your pick, or pick two, at these prices it’s easy to indulge in lots of carats with zero guilt.

  • 10 Carats total weight
  • (1) 18x13mm Pear cut Green Amethyst, 10ctw
  • .925Sterling silver setting
  • 14.5mm design
  • sits 10mm high
  • 2mm band width
  • 7 grams
  • Available in whole size 5-10