Gemstone Palette Ring

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Gemstone Palette Ring

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Palette pleaser

The artist's palette freed artists to walk around, taking their craft from canvas to canvas with all of their beautiful paints at their fingertips. This simple yet remarkably functional tool debuted in the early 1400s. With its distinct shape, it's a design that has stood the test of time and to this day sparks feelings of creativity and possibility.

We imagined that if Mother Nature had an artist's palette, she'd fill it with her most colorful precious stones. You don't need a brush to create a masterpiece with our selection of amethyst, ruby, peridot, sapphire, citrine and lab-created DiamondAura®. Simply slip them on and let the light work its magic!

  • 3 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)4mm x 5mm Oval cut Mozambique Ruby, 0.50ctw
  • (1)4mm x5mm Oval cut Kanchanburi Sapphire, 0.50ctw
  • (1)4mm x 5mm Oval cut Zambia Emerald,0.35ctw
  • (1)4mm x 5mm Oval cut Citrine, 0.40ctw
  • (1)4mm x 5mm Oval cut Amethyst,0.40ctw
  • (1)6mm Oval cut lab-created DiamondAura, 0.90ctw
  • Gold-finished .925Sterling Silver
  • Design: 17mm x 19mm
  • Sits 3.75mm High
  • 2.2mm Band
  • 5 Grams
  • Available in whole sizes 5 - 10