Good Fortune Butterfly Pendant

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Good Fortune Butterfly Pendant

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To your good fortune

Youre in luck! Sterling silver good luck charms that don't cost a fortune!

Mankind has always been fascinated with creatures that possess the power of flight. And when those creatures are legendary for good luck, protection and transformation, they are even more magical. 

We’ve captured two of these winged wonders in sculpted sterling silver upon a backdrop of shimmering black abalone. Nothing on earth creates an iridescent glow like abalone.

For centuries Chinese and Japanese cultures used butterflies as symbols of joy and the very essence of happiness. The fanciful butterfly is also seen as a dream bearer, weather predictor and the very definition of change.

The dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue in every single continent it is found in. But perhaps the one country in which the dragonfly is most revered is Japan. ‘Akitsushima’ ‘Isle of the Dragonfly’ was the name Japan was known by in the 11th century. The Emperor himself had named his country in honor of the dragonfly, as he believed the energy of the dragonfly was sacred and brought good fortune.

Pick your bearer of good fortune, or double up on luck and bring both into your collection.

  • Abalone inlay
  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • Pendant is 1 1/3" Drop & is 1 1/4"Wide
  • Chain not included, we recommber 17245 18" sterling silver rope chain