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Helenite Phoenix Earrings

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Helenite Phoenix Earrings

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Fountain of youth discovered in volcanic ash

Phoenix from the ashes, Helenite explodes upon the jewelry world...

When Mount St. Helens erupted, an ash column rose to an altitude of about 16 miles in less than 15 minutes, and the vigorous emission of ash continued for the next nine hours. The cloud of ash darkened the skies, causing streetlights to come on as far away as Spokane, Washington, more than 300 miles away. Ultimately, an estimated 540 million of ash drifted up to 2,200 square miles settling over seven states.

Mount St. Helens caused quite the stir. But it was a surprising find discovered in the aftermath of the eruption that had locals talking long after the volcanic dust settled. Workers using a gas torch while doing salvage work discovered that the heat of the torch was melting the volcanic ash into a lustrous green substance. And there, amid the ancient ashes created from a mountain that first erupted in 10,000 BC, Helenite was born.

The story got out and captured the attention of jewelers worldwide. It was a scramble to secure the magical ash from Mount St. Helens and perfect the heating process to achieve brilliant green stones that rival even the emerald in terms of color, refractive index and durability. The world has never seen anything like Helenite.

Now, you can own this newest addition to the fine jewelry scene. We've found the cream of the crop of Helenite and had it cut and faceted by skilled craftsmen into a gorgeous collection erupting with vibrant color and fire. This is green like you've never seen it. Create a stir yourself with our Helenite Phoenix Earrings. Expertly faceted, over 4-carats of Helenite in each earring set in gleaming gold-finished .925 sterling silver.

  • 9.6 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)14mm x 10mm Special Concave Helenite, 4.8ctw
  • Gold-finished .925 Sterling Silver Setting
  • 11mm Wide
  • Lever Backs