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Hidden Strength Lab-Created Sapphire Ring

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Fantastic Ring

I received this ring as a gift for Father's Day from my wife and kids. I was a little worried when I first saw this ring but I'm glad that I mentioned it to my wife. It turned out to be a great ring with a very think walled setting. I actually took this ring to a high end jewelry store to have it sized down by 1/2 a size and I received several comments on it from the service reps. The sapphire in the ring is a bit darker than some others that I have seen but in a room with good lighting or out of doors it sparkles with a deep and masculine blue. I wear this everyday and have had no issues with it. Even with the hollow back it is very comfortable on my finger and I have had no issues with it pressing into my finger like with some of the lighter, thinner hollow back rings I've had. Even if I hadn't received it as a gift I would still have bought it knowing what I do now.


Saint Louis, MO

Hidden Strength Lab-Created Sapphire Ring

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Rule the world with just one finger

Very LIMITED Quantities

I used to think I knew what power looked like: The crown on a king's head, his giant scepter or his oversized golden chair. Maybe even the army of warriors that attack on his command. Ancient kingdoms would rise and fall just so men could call those things their own. But real power is not something you can see right away. It's something you can feel.

That's why I'm proud to offer you the men's Hidden Strength Lab-Created Sapphire Ring. The deep regal blue of the 6 4/5 carat lab-created sapphire radiates authority, the kind of composed certainty that only a man who knows he looks good can achieve. The lab sapphire is set in sterling silver for that classic look, that certain something that everyone in the room can sense. The truly strong don't need anything so in your face, because real power is simple and elegant. Let other men worry about talking big. This ring is the real deal.

  • 6 4/5 carat total weight
  • 17.8 grams weight
  • 21mm length
  • 6mm high
  • Open back
  • (1) 14.3mm x 9.1mm Fancy cut lab created sapphire