Inside Out Earrings (set of 2)

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Inside Out Earrings (set of 2)

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Beautiful from the inside out

The Inside Out Earrings run circles around the competition

Another dimension of sparkle is created with our Inside Out Earrings. They are truly easy on the eyes. But, they are also beautiful on the inside. 

The glistening white stones that highlight the front side and inside of these hoop earrings the Ultimate Diamond Alternative™, DiamondAura®. Using the powers of science these stones rival mined diamonds in clarity and color. In terms of price, our exclusive diamond alternative, DiamondAura, run circles around mined diamonds.

We’ve seen this earring style with mined diamonds and the price is over $2,000. That’s outrageous. And, quite frankly without a jeweler’s loupe you can’t even tell the difference.

Yes, these earrings are truly beautiful inside and out–– you can feel good about the sparkle and the price.

  • Set of both Earrings; Yellow gold-finished and .925 sterling silver
  • 1 3/5ctw
  • 1" drop Earrings
  • hinged closure
  • Each pair of Earrings have (80)1.75mmround lab-creatd DiamondAura Stones