Ionic Man Bracelet

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Ionic Man Bracelet

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The ionic man

The classic men’s triple-layer link bracelet was in need of an upgrade, so we took the design to one of our cutting edge ionic labs. Why? Because we know how to take a classic design and improve it. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was before. Better ... stronger ... shinier. The result is the Ionic Man Bracelet, a bracelet that was originally made of stainless steel, but has undergone a process known as Ion Vapor Deposition to bond 18-karat gold to the steel. The process is a melding of metals using the latest scientific techniques, and the result is that the gold will shine extra bright and wear extra strong. Such a process used to come in around six million dollars for one man, but modern advances mean we can now make you an Ionic Man for just $69.

  • 18K gold ion plated stainless steel
  • fold-over clasp
  • Fits wrists to 8 ½"
  • 9.75mmwide
  • 57 grams