Jacques Lemans Liverpool Chronograph

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Jacques Lemans Liverpool Chronograph

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Hollywood legend rewrites luxury script

Big name watchmakers are shocked when one of Americas favorite leading men sports an independent timepiece!

Kevin Costner has played everything from a minor league catcher, an underdog pro golfer and a suave double agent to legendary gunslingers, iconic politicians and tough-as-nails heroes who beat the odds to save the day. On film he’s romanced the planet’s most beautiful women, transported us to worlds that don’t exist and kept us on the edge of our seats. Offscreen, the award-winning actor/director keeps up that exciting pace in pursuit of his personal passions. And wherever he goes in the world—from exotic movie locations to voyages across the open water—Costner depends on Jacques Lemans.

In the movies, Costner plays men who blaze their own trail. In real life, that independent spirit is very much alive. After years of searching, we’ve finally found a celebrity who understands the value of a well-made timepiece. Yes, Costner has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of all time. But money alone doesn’t always guarantee a great performance. You need integrity, skill and a passion for your craft. 

Other celebrities are happy to pose with watches worth $20,000 or more. But it’s clear that Kevin Costner has nothing to prove besides his appreciation for style and precision. Leave pretension to those other guys. Believe in what works.

Here at Stauer, we’re proud to be the official U.S. distributor of Jacques Lemans timepieces. The company has gained international attention by crafting classic timepieces that look great, work even better, and don’t cost a fortune. The Austrian watchmakers insist on only the finest movements and surround them with the highest grade stainless steels, high-tech ceramics, specially hardened crystex crystal and rich imported leather available. The Liverpool Chronograph is a dependable timekeeping machine with classic good looks, timeless style and a quiet strength that convinces you it knows how to handle a tough situation. You can understand why it looks so right on the wrist of Kevin Costner... and why it will look (and feel) just as perfect on yours.

  • Precision Movement
  • Solid Stainless Steel Case
  • 44mm diameter
  • 24-hour/minutes/seconds counter
  • Genuine black leather strap
  • Water resistant to 20ATM
  • Fitswrists 7"-9"