Jade Necklace

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Jade Necklace

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Guardian Angel

Have you ever felt safer after putting on a piece of jewelry? You might when you wear this bracelet. The mysterious stone known as jade has been used for centuries in the creation of art and other beautiful objects. But beyond its visual allure, jade also holds another virtue. The Chinese have long had a great respect for jade because it is said to protect the wearer. Chinese families often give their daughters a piece of jade jewelry that she will wear the rest of her life. It should only be removed if it’s broken and forever serves as a symbol of the love that surrounds the wearer.

If the jewelry breaks on its own, it is said to have intercepted an accident or disaster. Honoring that magnificent tradition, we’ve used natural jade to create a wondrous loop of icy green beads. This meticulously hand-strung, hand-knotted bracelet features 18 translucent jade beauties along with two luminous cultured freshwater pearls. There’s nothing like the soothing tone of jade, and here that cool green hue proves irresistible, and just could be the key to a long and happy future.