Kleos Amethyst Earrings

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Kleos Amethyst Earrings

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Jewelry secrets of the world's first supermodel

One of the most powerful women on the planet relied on her beauty, intelligence and plenty of amethyst!

Imagine, 2,000 years ago — a fashion runway stretches between the limestone arms of the Sphinx. Egyptian designers in their gold and finery glitter as though they are the gods themselves. The final model takes the stage, a golden amethyst necklace gleaming around her neck. She stuns the crowd into silence. Behold! The world's first supermodel Cleopatra!

The last of the Egyptian pharaohs, Cleopatra was renowned as "a woman of surpassing beauty." She believed she was the reincarnation of the goddess Kleos and used her radiance to rule a dynasty. Her royal jewelry was designed to do more than impress — it was made to manipulate both the public and her adoring suitors. Legend tells of an amethyst ring she wore that was so extraordinary it influenced both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony to fall in love with her.

Our Kleos Earrings reflect the beauty of Cleopatra and the lush mythology of Kleos. Bold, trillion-shaped amethysts set in double rose gold-finish (roses, by the way, were used in ceremonies worshiping Kleos). These earrings are a breathtaking collection of rich, purple gems.

We've found similar pieces offered by other luxury retailers for thousands of dollars. You can probably find lookalike "statement" earrings in high-end department stores for a few hundred dollars. But only Stauer can give you genuine amethyst gems at this exclusive price. Wear them and feel like a goddess. Her majesty would approve.

  • 35 carats total weight
  • (2) 6mm - 18.5mm x 25mm Triangular Amethyst
  • Rose Goldtone ober base metal
  • French Hook