Lady of Sherwood Ring

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Lady of Sherwood Ring

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A maiden's green venture

Maid Marian was more than just Robin Hood's love interest. In my favorite version of the English legend, Marian is a highborn lady who refuses both an arranged marriage and the advances of the evil King John, and instead decides to venture into the great green expanse of Sherwood Forest and track down the infamous outlaw who's been robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Marian not only locates Robin, she bests him in a sword fight, and only then do the two fall in love and live happily together surrounded by the verdant green of the forest.

Our Lady of Sherwood Ring is inspired by Marian's bravery and resourcefulness, and her oft unrecognized role in Robin's famous deeds. The big praisolite, also known as green amethyst at the center is a tribute to the lady's heart and to her deep love for the famous forest. Like Marian, the green amethyst is an extremely rare stone, something no one expects to find, but no one ever forgets seeing, should they be so fortunate. That large 7 ¼ carat stone is flanked by two purple amethysts surrounded in DiamondAura® rounds Marian's band of merry men. There's never been a better reason to go green!

  • 8 Carats Total Weight
  • (1)13mm Cushion cut Green Amethyst, 7.25ctw
  • (2)4mm Roundcut Purple Amethyst
  • (28)1mm Round lab-created DiamondAura
  • Gold-finished .925Sterling Silver Setting
  • 14mm Design
  • Sits 9mm High
  • 3mm Band
  • Available in wholesizes 5 - 10