Luxia DiamondAura® Pendant

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Luxia DiamondAura® Pendant

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Step into the light

Can Stauer's exclusive scientific process outshine Nature?

Photosynthesis is nature's own magic trick. Plants and flowers take in sunlight, convert it into the energy they need to live and grow, and supply the planet with oxygen as a side-effect. It's incredible, and elegantly simple. We can't claim to have bettered nature's masterpiece of energy conversion, but we've come as close as science will allow. The jewelry in our Luxia Collection takes light — from the sun, candles or bulbs — and converts it into glorious fire.

The secret is DiamondAura®, our exclusive lab-created stone that sparkles with nearly as much brilliance as D-flawless mined diamonds. Perfected in a laboratory, each clear marvel is engineered to slow down the speed of light and cast it back in a shimmer of pure brilliance. DiamondAura includes all the classic specifications of mined diamonds including cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Our man-made stones are even hard enough to cut glass!

As the main attraction in our Luxia Collection, 67 individually set DiamondAura are arranged in a rose gold-finished sterling silver pendant. The floral design makes it impossible to ignore with magnificent, marquise-cut petals and a full bloom of brilliant rounds. Add the matching earrings to complete the tempting trifecta.

Here's where we have nature beat: where photosynthesis adds oxygen to the atmosphere, the spectacle of this many DiamondAura has the power to take your breath away.

  • 2.69 grams weight
  • 13mm x 16mm
  • Rose gold finished sterling silver
  • (67) Labcreated DiamondAura