Maris Mother of Pearl Necklace

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Maris Mother of Pearl Necklace

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Nature's sunken treasure

The sea is wide and deep, and it's full of treasure. We're not talking about chests full of gold coins or mysterious sunken ships. We're talking about Mother Nature's bounty, the organic wonders of the ocean that she offers up to those who know where to look. We found the iridescent glow of mother of pearl shining up at us from the ocean floor. So down we went. And we came up big with the Maris Mother of Pearl Necklace, all 34 inches of it.

Completely natural, Mother of Pearl is made from the same organic material as history's most precious pearls. That means every single bead in the Maris Mother of Pearl Necklace has a naturally unique shape, and each features the iridescent shine that makes Mother of Pearl so sought after. And because the ocean was so generous to us, we can offer all 34 inches at this exclusive price. That's a discount as deep as the ocean.

  • 100.4 grams weight
  • 34” length
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • (49) 10mm -12mm x 11mm -15mmMother of Pearl
  • Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp